Every Day includes:

Snacks with hot or cold drinks.
6 hours of learning and fun.
Woodland logbook
Certificate of attendance and achievement / Individual report.

You will get to choose a selection of the activities below for your activity day:

‘Fire lighting’ challenge
Types of outdoor cookers / fire systems
Setting a fire pit
Setting a fire
Lighting the fire without matches
Sourcing your fire wood

‘shelter’ challenge
Types of shelter
Locating and setting the shelter
Build a shelter with tarps and bungees
Build a shelter with woodland debris

‘Cooking’ challenge
Build an ‘outdoor oven’ (for those attending 3 days or more)
Cook a selection of ‘woodland fire food’
popcorn / woodland fritters / chocolate bananas / Fish / veg stew

Archery and Catapults
make your own bow and arrow
build a giant catapult

‘Picture Perfect’ challenge
Sound picture (listen carefully!)
Build your camera
Draw what the spriggans see in the woods

‘Art and Crafty’ challenge
Woodland critters
Giant art project

Its all about the trees!
Woodland trek
Plant a tree
Whittle a toy.

All training days are adapted to meet the requirements of the individual’s abilities and age groups.
Minimum of 3 students per course / Maximum of 10 students per course.


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